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Industry Response to the Defense Verdict in the Presler Case

Posted April 29, 2005

The industry is extremely pleased with the verdict in this case.  Today’s decision further illustrates that there is no causal link between mild steel welding and Parkinson’s disease or any other Parkinson’s-like movement disorder, and that these cases are entirely without merit. Judges and juries across the country have overwhelmingly rejected these claims, and the welding industry will continue to defend itself vigorously against these suits. 

Of the nine cases tried to verdict before this case, eight resulted in defense verdicts.  When this case was originally tried in February 2005, the jury was unable to find a link between the plaintiff’s condition and his welding activity; a mistrial was declared as a result of a hung jury.  Despite all their hype, plaintiffs cannot establish causation in these cases, because it just isn't there.

A substantial number of these cases are now part of a federal multi-district litigation (MDL) in Cleveland.  The MDL Court in Cleveland will be the first court to conduct a full and fair hearing on the scientific validity of the plaintiffs’ theories in these cases.  We believe that the real truth about the lack of merit of these claims will be exposed in that venue.  

For a complete analysis of the existing body of science and theories, please see a recent report by Dr. David Garabrant, Professor of Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  At the end of this detailed report, Dr. Garabrant concludes that a review of the medical and scientific literature does not reveal any reliable association between welding fume exposure or manganese with Parkinson’s disease. 



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